Sort table by date updated?

Is there a way to set the table sort to show the most recent updated rows on top? so for example if will change one of the columns in a row, this row would now be the first one on the table…


if you add a column with type ‘Modified on’ (its under ‘Properties’ in the menu) then this will be set each time a row is created or modified

sort by that to achieve what you are looking for

it will show the timestamp for changes made already since coda keeps this data automatically anyway


Great! Thank u very much @Xyzor_Max !

Dear @Ben_Rose and @Xyzor_Max ,

Complimentary you can even monitor when a column has been modified, just by putting the column name in front of “modified on” and only when this column is changed (manually) the timestamp will be updated.

In a similar manner you can do that for “modified by” if that has added value in your workflow

Be aware that formulaic updates won’t reflect

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