Display only the Top 100 rows

I have a table in Coda with almost 500 rows. I just want to show the top 100 rows with the highest count. The column ‘Count’ is already sorted to decreasing value. How will I do that in Coda ? What filter formula should I use ? Thanks!

There may be an easier way that I’m not thinking of, but one way would be to use the Rank function in its own column to assign a rank to each row, then just filter on that rank column (i.e. only show rows with Rank <=100).

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Dear @Alyssa_Gono,

Please find in the below link a detailed explanation:

Credits: @shishir


Thank you for the idea. It helped me.

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thisRow.In(thisTable.Sort(false, thisTable.Count).Slice(1,100))

This helped me. thanks

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