Do Date formula not working

I am driving myself crazy because I know this should work so I figured I would let someone else see if they noticed what I am doing wrong. I have a table that has a Recurring column, a Date Done and Due Date. I am using the following formula to create the Due Dates for the tasks.

SwitchIf(thisRow.Recurring="Monthly"thisRow.[Date Done]+Days(30),Recurring=“Quarterly” thisRow.[Date Done]+Days(90),Recurring=“Yearly” thisRow.[Date Done]+Days(365)) but no matter how I phrase it, it will not work.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Is that copy and pasted from your doc? There is a comma missing after your first argument.

But I’m assuming that May not be your issue. When you type that formula into a column, what is it returning? What’s your result?

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No it was typed in. I went back and changed a bit and started with this one and it worked

SwitchIf(thisRow.Recurring=“Monthly”,thisRow.[Due Date]+Days(30))

But, if I add quarterly, yearly, weekly etc, it wont work and shows unexpected value error.

My goal is to have a column that only shows the Next Due Date which would be the Due Date (hidden because it’s filled in when they select complete in the task status) and the time added depending on recurrence.

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This is what I get anytime I add anything after the monthly

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I kept messing with it and got it to work with the following formula

SwitchIf(thisRow.Recurring=“Monthly”,thisRow.[Due Date]+Days(30),thisRow.Recurring=“Quarterly”,thisRow.[Due Date]+Days(90),thisRow.Recurring=“Yearly”,thisRow.[Due Date]+Days(365),thisRow.Recurring=“Daily”,thisRow.[Due Date]+Days(1))

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For reference sake, you missed a “.” after the thisRow


Thanks Scott! Always appreciate your help and input.


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