Doc copying super slow - anyone else?

I’ve got a template that’s taking over 6 minutes to create docs based on. Anybody else having performance issues with doc copies?

Here’s the doc structure. Can’t be more than 100 rows or so in total.

Hey @Nick_HE! I think it’d help to see your doc so we can take a closer look. Could you please reach out to or open a chat from your doc so we can dig into this?

Did yeah, thanks Jasmine. I think things are just a bit slow cause of the long weekend. (Someone responded acknowledging my problem but I haven’t received any hints/ideas/solutions yet)

Making some progress which I’ll document here, in case it ends up being helpful for others.

We’ve tracked the issue down to the 20,000 image files that are stored in the doc.

This number was news to me, as it currently has no images at all in it! But it did, during building and testing, have a sync table that had a couple dozen rows with ImageAttachments in them. The table was set to hourly refresh, and I sometimes manually updated it more often than that during testing.

And each of these refreshes seems to have stored copies of every image in the doc’s edit history, which comes with a doc when you copy it (unfortunately).

So far the solution seems to be re-creating the doc from scratch, salvaging whatever non-Pack tables have lightweight enough histories to not nuke template copy performance :disappointed:

By the way, I think this way of approaching ImageAttachments and Attachments is bad for a few reasons which I’ve outlined here - interested to hear people’s thoughts:


Best workaround I could find is to put all my pages into one root-level page, and then copy the root level page to a new doc. Still had to rebuild each of my automations by hand though :sob:

But after that it clones in 6 sec.

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