[Doc Explorer] - Toggle options for all pages

Hi all. We’ve recently started using the Doc Explorer pack and are loving it! On our Doc, we have well over 200 pages/sub-pages. Is there a recursive way to toggle settings like “Authors”, “Outline”, and “Last edited” for all the pages/sub-pages to begin with?


Edit- The UpdatePage formula seems like the right candidate to achieve what I want, but it doesn’t accept all the toggles as parameters.

Hey there!

Glad to hear you are liking it - I’m the creator of the pack and love to hear feedback like this.

I’m a little confused on the exact request? Are you hoping there could be a button that would change the page settings itself (aka whether or not to show the page author, subtitle, etc). . .

Hey Scott, thanks for the reply and the excellent Pack.

I’m hoping that there is a set of buttons each of which can toggle the aforementioned settings for all the pages/subpages. Alternatively, the UpdatePage formula accepts those toggles as booleans.

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