A way to set default page options for an entire Doc

Basically what the title says. You can set the layout for individual pages, or show the subtitle, or enable the outline, etc. Is there any way I can set default values for these settings for a Doc, and these defaults will be applied to all new pages in that Doc going forward

Hi @Michael_Forsman :blush: !

In your Document settings, in the menu Page options, you should see, just under the title of that menu 2 different options: one for This Page and another one for the New pages :blush: .

New pages would be the one you’re looking for.

And if you change a setting in there, a small button will appear next to it to retro-actively apply the change you just made to all pages previously created.

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Oh wow…I don’t know how I missed that there was a whole second tab there…facepalm.


My pleasure @Michael_Forsman :grin: !