Default Design or Presets

Is there a way to change the default design of all pages to be full width?
Or the default table with specific color conditionings?

Maybe what I’m looking for is a way to make my own template that I can call with the /

Hi @KeyBerry ,

You can set the default page width for all New Pages as below:

I am not aware of a way to create a new table with color conditionings. There is no columns and contents to build conditional formatting against.) If your existing table has color conditionings, you can set Coda to use those on subsequent views.


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Ah. So … I have a system where I need the same Page set up for every page. So, is there a way to do it instead of having the template page on the side and duplicating it everytime?

This is about as easy as it is going to get. There is also the option of doing it using the duplicatePage() formula in a button.

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That’s a good idea … I could create a thing that says: Create New Project Button … and it’ll duplicate the appropriate page

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