Copy/Create Page and add table row

I am newish to Coda.

We produce articles for several online pubs. We have several article types.
We have a page that acts as a template for Article Type 1
Separately, we have a page with a table that lists all of the Article Type 1 articles.
I’d like to add a button to this page - “Create new Article Type 1 article”
The button would do two actions
Create a row for the new article with certain columns set (like content type col would have “Article Type 1” set)
Copy the page template for article type 1 which has only 1 row visible at the top (the row that represents this article)

Hi @David_Kraljic,
and welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

Would it be OK for you to share your document (or a sample of it) to have a better understanding of your use-case?

Thank you!