Can you set a layout as the default "template" for new rows?

Hi everyone,
I would like to understand if it is possible to setup a layout as a default template for every new row created in a table.

Here are more specific details:

I have a workouts management system in Coda. I have a “Workout Programs” table, which is related to a “Workout Sessions” table.
Whenever creating a new row in “workout programs”, I would like to see a linked view of the “workout sessions” table, filtered for only the sessions belonging to the selected program (which means the linked view would be empty when I first create a new row). So far, I haven’t managed to find any way to achieve this.

Here is a video explanation of my question: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

Any help is appreciated!
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Hi @Simone_Smerilli ,

first, welcome to the Coda community! :blush:

What you did here is that you inserted a View of the Sessions table inside the notes column of ONE row in your Programs table. This table therefore doesn’t exist in the notes cell of other rows.

Instead, what you want is to make the lookup column “All sessions” visible in your “Sessions view” layout.

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Hi @M_Schneider, I really appreciate your help! That’s right and it solves my issue - thank you!

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