Making a linked view of and existing database in a new page

Ok, I feel a bit ridiculous even asking this, especially since I already know how to use Notion and this kind of thing isn’t rocket science, but how the heck do you create a linked view to an existing database in an empty page??

I tried going through the slash commands and nothing seemed to work. Then I watched the Coda 101 videos and Maria just says ‘here I have a linked view’, but doesn’t tell you how she got it. Then I found the Create Custom Table Views page, which tells you to:

  • type “/table” onto your doc’s canvas
  • using the + button on the left hand side of the canvas, then select table
  • via the Insert panel (found in the upper right corner of your window)

But this creates a blank table, and doesn’t bring up the option to create a blank table or a linked table as it does in the animation under the description.

The only way I can figure out how to make a view is by directly duplicating the table, but that only works within the page it’s in, and I can’t figure out how to copy it across to another page because I just get a ‘Firefox doesn’t support full fidelity copying’ error. For the life on me I can’t figure out how to make a linked view via slash commands. Help me out, I’m losing my mind here!

Coda does not work like Notion attention.
Database page templates “do not exist”.
In coda, layouts are automatically applied to the entire table. For each table, it is possible to have several layouts and choose which one to use depending on the view.
A CODA page is not a Notion database page, so no template is possible.
In CODA, a database row can be formatted in the same way as a notion database model,
It’s quick and easy to switch our roolup/relation to table view in our layout.

Not sure I 100% understand everything you’re getting at. Maybe I have a different understanding of some words? My question isn’t about working with database page templates or formatting database rows. I just want to add views of the database in the way that they describe in the documentation (regardless of the mechanisms behind it).

In the Database Best Practices video they show that when they go to add a new table it gives the option to connect to an existing database:

I can’t seem to do this from my account, when I try to add a task it doesn’t give me this option, it just creates a blank table straight away.

And they talk about views in a few different places, so it’s clearly something that can be done in Coda. I’m just trying to figure out how.

you go /[table name]

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