Doc size limit and asked for upgrade?

I got this message for one of my doc “Doc size above limit. This doc will become read-only in 14 days unless you reduce its size.”
I clicked the “upgrade” but nothing happen.

what should I do? I just started my doc couple months ago and it’s actually not that big, it surprise me that I lready reach the limit.

will coda introduce pricing soon?


Hi! So sorry for the confusion :pray: this is a bug on our end. We’re doing some testing on a pricing beta with a small group of volunteers, and it looks like the warning banner is being shown for some folks who are not in the testing group. I can confirm your docs are just fine and won’t be affected. We’re working on fixing this and removing that banner for you ASAP!

Thanks so much for reporting this, and sorry again!


:+1: No worry! Bugs happen :joy:

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