Doc viewership analytics

Is there any way to get analytics about the number of views (total and unique) for a given table or page?

If Coda does not have an analytics capability, is there a way to embed 3rd party analytic tools into the doc?

Edit: As it does not seem to be available, moving to the suggestion box.

Just for publicly-published docs I’m afraid.

I’m with you though, I have a few complex docs where I’m curious about which views/tools get the most use.

Thanks, chance you know whether this also applies for docs that are published, but just to your team?

Not sure but I would guess it does work with internal publishing yeah.

Dear @Nick_Short

I agree that is should come very handy having the analytics options.
Not 100%, maybe in the Enterprise subscription it’s available, @steph do you know that?

For now I would recommend you to move this post under the “suggestion” tag, so others with the same opinion can upvote and bring this suggestion under they eyes of the Codans.


Thanks, just moved to suggestion box. Good suggestion.

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Hi all! @Alice_Ly mentioned that we do have the Doc List Pack.

Could you give it a check to see if this would meet your needs? Thanks!

Hi @steph

Just tried and the message returned is that that “No doc analytics were returned when syncing.”

Have I missed a step in setting up?