Doc width restrictions - help to solve?

We have a use case the involves embedding dashboards into a doc. With the page width set as wide we are noticing there is still a large amount of real estate that goes unused and hence sometimes dashboards metrics are breaking up because they don’t have the width to properly represent metrics (which are not overly large). The dashboard itself looks a bit strangled.

Is there a way to utilise an embed and any custom code to make this space attainable or is this a hard confine for now?

Example following. The blue box illustrates the available space in the doc.

Hard confine, but you can always go to Full screen mode for a view temporarily:

For embeds I think you can force specific width.

Although at some point I remember I saw a view stretched to full width by default. Could be a bug that got fixed; could be Coda testing new layout options.

Thanks Paul yeh Cards and Tables break the confine so I thought there may have been a workaround

Okay, got to my PC, tested my assumptions.

Simply Embed(..., width: 2000) doesn’t work — there’s still a hard limit on embed width.

However, if you put an embed into a single-cell table and resize it to be pretty wide, the embed will occupy all given width:

You can then edit table settings to hide column titles and grid lines, and lock the section, so that there’s minimum table decor.

Agree. This is an important observation about Coda tables; they’re really cell-based DOMs. Indeed, cells have formatting and layout superpowers. I’ve been able to craft formatting augmentations using cells in a variety of use cases that are not traditionally considered table-centric.

Ideally, Coda will eventually provide integrated entry points for CSS, but until then, super-cells can be quite useful.