Does Coda intend to increase the width of documents?

I LOVE the new coda beta update. Its really cool to put stuff side by side.

For a long time I have been looking at the notion sub reddit jealous of the pretty dashboards they can make whilst we were slightly limited by the coda one on top of the other approach.

My question is does Coda plan to update the width at which we can stretch these dashboards across the page? At the moment I can fit stuff in but its very hard to create truly large dashboards with lots of data without sacrificing table columns to make them fit neatly.

I would love to fit in more columns so I can make bigger layouts with a lot more data / tables inside of them.


Small bump to get this to the top :bowing_man:

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I’m having the same issue. I use Notion for task management and have a 3 column dashboard with a lot of info. I was waiting column to arrive to Coda so I can migrate everything.

With Coda, the doc covers only half of my page. It’s create for docs, but not so good for create a dashboard.

I saw another solution here using custom CSS with a browser extension. But I have no ideia how to code it.

Here is my screenshot, so much potencial at the right side!



I’ve been creating a project management tool in coda for a team of 60 editors and a couple hundred viewers and the width restrictions on content and views are frustrating and sad. It’s also disheartening to search the forums and find people talking about how you can hack the website to work around this.

Details: In notion when you select “full” the page content utilizes all available real estate. In coda when you select “wide” it seems to give you about 800-900 pixels of width for non-table content, which is less than half of our standard 1920 screen size. Many of our tables get to 1600+ width, so that’s where the frustration comes in; I want to design a cohesive, sensible experience for our users, but the tool prevents me from doing so. :frowning:


I agree. It’s impossible to make something with maximum function or esthetics with the restrictions in the layouts. I wish we just had a grid layout and could drop items where we want


I agree. The limitation is a bit frustrating. Even though I change the doc page width setting to wide, it’s still not covering the whole screen width.

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The custom css isn’t working with columns, it brakes everything. At least I couldn’t do it.

You can try and improve this:

.kr-document-root .kr-canvas-header {
    width: 100% !important;
    padding-left: 70px !important;

.kr-document-root {

    --line-set-width: 90%;
    --column-group-set-width: 90%;
    --editable-padding-left: 40px;

.kr-document-root {
    --editable-padding-left: 30px;

I used the Stylish extension for Chrome.

:wave: thanks all for sharing feedback & bumping this again!

We are planning to launch a fuller wide mode that will allow for columns to take up the full width of a page while maintaining a clean viewing experience on any device. Given the Coda page is ~800px wide when centered/1000px wide when wide, for now four columns prevents content from getting too clunky as we’ve seen in some other products with a similar feature.

Coda happily assumes the role of ensuring anything our users create looks great for whoever views it, whether a teammate or someone who uses a template. We want you to share customized docs with confidence. I can promise you will be sharing your fully-wide pages with columns with an immaculate viewing experience soon. :slight_smile:


great news, thank you. please also allow mobile to view in landscape. plenty of devices have the resolution to do so effectively. Thank you.

Thanks for the update Teresa. I’m looking forward to the update!

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Hi all, thank you for providing feedback on page layout! We are excited to share we are opening a beta for wider column groups. This is part of an experiment to see how users respond to wider objects in Coda. If you are interested is signing up, you can use this form.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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