Launched: New full-width setting to give you more space & more control

Last year, we launched a new page editor, making it possible to align content side-by-side and up-level everything from detailed project briefs to dazzling dashboards. Today, we’re excited to announce that you have even more room, with the option to expand your page to full width.

Want to try out the new page size? Hover your mouse over your page’s title, and navigate to the layout options. From there, you can choose full width, along with standard and wide widths.


Now, you have more options for displaying your charts, text, images, and more, filling the whitespace with content you want others to review right away. So you can keep creating briefs and dashboards that will leave your team wondering “wow, who built this?”


:clap: :clap: :clap: I just needed this now, for a multicolumn layout. Amazing!


That’s actually something that was really needed :slight_smile: and makes multi-column layouts that much better to use

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I’ve been in beta for this feature and I get something similar from my team.

How’d you build this?

This is great - now we just need to be able to control the width of a fullscreen modal.


I’ve been part of the beta too and yeah, the feature is awesome!
(also I got it rather early so I could see the evolution — very nicely done from the early beta to completion!)

The best part of it — I could put two detail layouts side by side and efficiently do the task in 3 hours what could otherwise take days to complete

(if anyone’s interested in what kind of workflow it was, I’ll be happy to explain it in greater detail eventually)


Fantastic result.
I also noticed that modals is fullscreen now actually occupy the full screen, something I’ve been hoping for ages!

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I am interested about this workflow! Would love to know the details

Does not work for canvas. In full mode, canvas does not accept this setting. Bad for me.


Brilliant! You’ve executed this request really well, including a centred option for Wide, which I didn’t know I wanted until now! This’ll transform certain pages from feeling like a document to feeling like a full-blown dashboard.


Wow thank you. That is one awesome launch.


Hit would be nice if the list of subpages respected the new layout options too.

Example below.


I’ve beeb using this for a while in beta, and when you need it it is so great to use and looks great, well done Coda team!


This is amazing. Something that would take it to even the next level would be having a table setting to hide the object if the formula renders true. So you could have two tables/dashboards/etc side by side where one resolves if true, the other if false, so depending on state the customer would only see the right object. This would take the UX to the next level.


or canvas in tables… It must be a bug!

Why it’s not in full mode from default?

@Roy_Keith @Saul_Garcia @Nad @Bharat_Batra @thomas_raizedai @William_Bell @Nate_Gerber2 et al — finally after almost a year and one failed attempt, I made a video about that doc!


Marvelous work Paul!

I immediately fell in love with Coda when seeing the rapid application development capabilities the platform offers!

In your video, you have what appears to be “yellow spinner buttons” in your table column?

How are those implemented - are they spinning through the values of your select lists?

How are those buttons implemented? Formulas?

At first I thought perhaps Coda had added a new button type, but I didn’t see anything new…

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Ah, those are just regular buttons that edit the underlying item. I’m talking about them in this video at about 3:00 (but honestly the whole video is worth watching!)

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