I love the new Full Width view!

That’s it, that’s the thread :slight_smile:

Just wanted the coda team to know what a huge, positive impact this feature has had on my workflows and user experience. Thanks y’all!


Hi, yes this feature is great :slight_smile:

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I was in the beta test for a few time, and this was a game changer for my dashboard construction !

Really great for working on big screens.!!

I’m legit excited for widescreen dashboards in Coda, but I don’t see it in my docs. I was hoping you would elaborate so I can know if it just hasn’t rolled out to the UK yet.

By ‘full width’ do you mean that it spans all the way across large screens or it’s just wider than normal? I do see “Auto”, “Standard”, and “Wide” under Content Alignment in the page options, but they have been there for a while, so are you talking about an even-wider-than-Wide option that’s out there now? :slight_smile:

Hi @James_Mathison :blush: !

As far as I know, the full width display is still in beta (so it hasn’t been released anywhere yet :blush:)

Yep, that’s exactly what it is: Wider than wide :grin: !

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Sweet! I can’t wait! :slight_smile: