How to full width a page?

I checked the old posts but I couldn’t figure out how to make a coda page in full width. Content alignment in page options doesn’t fill my screen. I am former notion user and I got used to three to four collumns layouts. Here the collumns are so small and feel a bit sad about it :frowning: I liked coda’s functionalty a lot but I miss notion’s aesthetic.


Hi Kerem

Unfortunately, you’re right, Coda is for functionality. But there has been strong support from the community for improvements in the interface, including the wasted white space. We hope that we will soon be rewarded.


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this is the space I have :confused:


Trying to migrate from Notion to CODA…visual space seems like a big deal. I saw there was a beta for a full width option a while back.

Is there a way to do this?

Full width is not really full and it is very annoying.

I feel so torn.

I think Notion is visually easier to manage, but database wise Coda seems more powerful…

Just wish this didn’t need a hack. I am building the dtabase for a nonprofit, so want to keep it as simple as possible.

Thank you so much for sharing!

Thanks so much for that feedback, @Astha_Parmar , and glad to hear that you’re finding Coda to be a powerful tool :smile: . I just wanted to mention that we have a nonprofit discount available if it’s something you’re not already signed up for, check it out!: Students, teachers, and nonprofits | Coda Help Center

Hi Codans,

Any update on if/when this might be released? I too am being forced to make a design decision between Notion / Coda for this reason.

Alternatively if there is any beta for this I’d be keen to take part.


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Thank you all for the feedback! We were excited to announce the rebuilt Coda editor earlier this year, and we continue to make updates with new features, including visual and spacing updates. Please stay tuned for specific features launching in the coming months!

I just don’t get it, how can Coda be so good and so bad?

I just found Coda recently, and I love the capabilities and ease of use of the app. It’s more powerful than Notion, yet has a similarly intuitive UI and navigation experience.

That is, until you build an awesome page and you put it on wide-mode, but it still has all that unused space to the right. You think:

“Oh weird, Coda doesn’t use all available screen space by default. I know! Let me drag these panes side by side to make a wider multi-column view!”

Now you think “Oh wow, I really must not know how to setup multiple columns, this is completely broken and is even worse than a single column! There’s no way this is by design”

Except after fighting with it and losing, you come to the forums and find that this is a regularly and widely complained about issue for years.

“Oh but there’s this wider columns beta program! I’ll join that and jump through hoops to get basic functionality this app should have to begin with”

“Beta Program has Ended”

Okay, and the functionality was not implemented into the app? How is Coda still working on and releasing new features when their browser based app doesn’t render correctly in a browser? If the beta program went well, why not release the functionality? Why was this not built in from day 1?

Two steps forward in functionality, ten steps back in usability, and everyone from Coda and the community appears to agree that this is bad functionality and that it would be great if it would be resolved.

It’s honestly inexcusable from a UI/UX standpoint, and fixing this should be top priority over any fancy new integration with some other app outside your ecosystem, because those integrations do us no good if we can’t use your app in a meaningful way to begin with!

I would love to be a Coda advocate. I would tell everyone I know to use Coda for anything from their work to their daily life. Except I won’t recommend a system to anyone if it has basic functionality that would be considered broken/buggy by 95% of people.

Please resolve this. It will make your app 1000x better and would expand your potential userbase massively.

Thank you for reading my rant. Despite the tone at times, I do very much appreciate this powerful and modern product that you all have built for people to manage their lives. Now lets make it even better :wink:


I just came across your message in my inbox this morning and I wanted to respond because I completely agree with you. I stopped using CODA primarily for this reason. Then I understood that other apps have such different approaches that you stop thinking about columns. It is unfortunate because even though CODA will implement this, I won’t be able to back it up because I moved all of my system into new apps. All the best!

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Hi, @Hunter_Sullivan and @kerem_ozan_bayraktar . I received yesterday an email from Coda inviting me to participate in the beta for full screen page. Unfortunately it seems that this beta is only available for those how signed up last year for the beta of the new editor.
What I can tell you is that they are working on it and I believe it will be released soon.

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:wave: Hi! I’m Teresa a PM at Coda.

Thanks for sharing this feedback - as @Breno_Nunes mentioned we are starting beta for a new full width page option later this week. (details here!). Many of you mentioned that while the ability to widen columns on the canvas was valuable, you’d really like the ability to select a full width for the entire page.

  • If you already have wide column groups, you will automatically get the new full width page options.
  • If you are not, and would like to receive the full width page option beta feature, please sign up here.

Thanks for the heads up, I used the link to sign up for the full width page beta, so hopefully that will resolve the page width issue :slight_smile:

I appreciate the response, and I really have been enjoying the power that Coda gives me to organize my life so far. I’m nearing the limits of my first big free document, so I’ll be signing up for a paid subscription as soon as I see that the page width issue is resolved!

If you signed up for the full width page option beta, it is now live! Please share feedback here :blush:

I really hope that this beta also includes full width/full screen pages for everything. Not only the embeds.

I know that we could select normal and wide page format previously under the Page options. But it’s gone now. I was really shocked to see this gone before an alternative is in place. This makes good dashboards pretty much a no go.

Unfortunately I missed the deadline for Bata sign up…
Any idea when this will be released?
I can’t wait to try it out.

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Just started using Coda and already like it a lot.


  • full width page
  • ‘edit page’ possibility for people without Coda-account
  • choose different colors for background of a page
  • maybe one or two more fonts

Thanks and regards

Hi Teresa. Any news on when this will roll out to everyone? And as @JCI_Admin mentioned, could you clarify if you’re talking about full-screen embeds or full-screen columns in which we can place tables, charts, text, and whatever else? The closed beta on the page you linked to appears to be about full screen embeds, not columns.

Thank you for your time.