Is Coda daring us to leave?

Although I love coda in so many ways - the below screenshot is why I don’t think I can stay here any longer. To have a full page canvas and only be able to put content on half of it is so crazy… I don’t know how anyone who works at coda could be content with not yet having this fixed. The community has been jumping up and down about this for a while now and nothing has been done…except “Wide” mode…which is the screenshot you see below. Why even implement a feature like that? I don’t understand how you can look at your toughest competition (Notion) and not see how much worse your product looks and then do nothing about it… I’m upset because I don’t want to leave coda, but the fact that this has been addressed in an almost insulting way with “Wide” page option maybe the last straw. No one should have been able to sign off on the current canvas widths and still have. a job…

Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 10.09.05 AM


I’m with @Jake_Nguyen - before Coda, I ran a lot of my planning and dashboarding in very wide Excel sheets. Coda’s power to show different views of the same data, each one tailored to a very specific task/touchpoint, was a revelation. It made these tools more accessible to newcomers, while also giving greater focus and faster time-to-action / time-to-data for experienced users.

I suppose infinite horizontal canvas expansion is a fair (if niche) feature request, but I also respectfully think your framing of it is a bit hyperbolic :sweat_smile:

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If you do want to make it a vote-able feature request, I’d recommend posting in the Suggestion Box category.


while i understand (and share) your frustration with the width used by coda in its ux, your tone in this discussion is quite rude, inconsiderate, and not appropriate to this forum.

asking (in public) what jobs a person has had (suggesting they are inexperienced) and then denigrating their point of view, implying their view is not valid and being disrespectful in this way is very inappropriate.

this forum supports coda users of every level of experience. it seeks to be a safe, welcoming and supportive environment.

thus we have high standards of respect, politeness and professionalism.

your tone (but not your point) violates that expectation. i have flagged them as innapropiate.

please continue to make contributions, but please moderate your tone to be more respectful, mature, and considerate.



@Ryan_Redmond, if Coda doesn’t work for us and you need to leave, well, then that’s what it’ll have to be. All of us have to gauge a tool’s usability for our specific use cases and act accordingly. If you wish to provide constructive criticism, feel free to use the suggestion box (as outlined above).

If you feel that your personal situation, your individual needs and your own experience give you the right to question whether people should be fired and whether others even have the right to weigh in - then, by all means, please know that you are absolutely correct in your assessment and coda truly is not the place for you.

Thank you, @Xyzor_Max, for reminding me of the flagging feature. I’ve never needed it on this community, but have also marked the poster’s replies as inappropriate.


I personally never understood why people need multiple screens even when they’re not hardcore programmers - your eyes can only see a limited area at any time! How does having a more beautiful dashboard make you more productive? Shouldn’t your focus in the first place be "How can I do more with the same time I have instead of ‘how can this be more beautiful’ ?

Isn’t this a huge assumption to make. Not everybody that uses more screens do it because it’s beautiful. Although I have to admit my curved 3 screen setup does look amazing.

I agree with @Ryan_Redmond that there are severe limitation to Coda. I do NOT agree with his opinion that somebody should be fired. Although I have found the Coda community to be one of the best I have had the pleasure of joining, admonishing one person for stating his opinion and not another does not seem very fair.

Although this post highlighted a valid issue, the usual helpfulness of the community seems to have missed the boat here. I for one would like to hear any suggestions on how to work around this issue.

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It’s a bit hacky, but you could make a wide table, fashioning a dashboard out of formulas/content in cells.

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I agree that not having full page width is annoying and limiting. Sometimes I build views that are very wide. Other times I build views that are very narrow. The importance is that I am deciding.

In the situation discussed here, I am not given the choice as Coda has decided for me.

Please give me the option/freedom to make my own (what some consider to be) bad decisions.


Aesthetics are also relevant for functionality. It’s not convenient for me to work on a page which is visually incorrect. The experience is very different when your eyes move across a large space and focus on different parts instead of clicking on pages and waiting for them to open. In my studio, I have a huge work bench and I enjoy seeing all the tools in my visual field. Also, it gives you inspiration since you can relate things you never thought of before.


I believe that it’s coming soon. :smiley:


It’s also worth noting that (I think) page widths were established before the columns feature was added. In a world before columns, it would have been weird to set line wraps to be much wider than they are now. But columns does unlock a good reason for very wide horizontal layouts. I don’t think the architecture of it will be trivial, as currently the 12(?) column grid is build with a certain width range in mind - would need to instead move to a setup where columns were a certain width and you could have a larger (arbitrary?) number of them…

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:wave: Hi! I’m Teresa a PM at Coda.

Thanks for sharing this feedback - we are starting beta for a new full width page option later this week. (details here!).

  • If you already have wide column groups, you will automatically get the new full width page options.
  • If you are not, and would like to receive the full width page option beta feature, please sign up here.
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