[Product Beta Recruitment] Typography

Hi y’all,

We are looking for feedback on the new font style & padding on the Canvas & in the UI in Coda. If you are particular about headers, fonts or spacing, this is your time to shine. The Coda team would love to hear from you.

We are early in our engineering phase & are looking for feedback on the new typography on the Canvas and in the UI in Coda. At this time, we only have the feature enabled for new docs on a testing environment. If you would like to test this feature and give feedback, please fill out this form.


Ben Huynh
Product Operations


Hey Ben!

Can you clarify what documents will be pushed to this new environment? Will it be EVERY new doc we create? If so - is there a possibility our new docs with these features will experience breaking-bugs or anything?

I really want to be a part of the beta but also don’t want crucial docs I make to break

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Ahhh, I am so, so psyched for this.

“…we only have the feature enabled for new docs on a testing environment.”
For me, testing environment would mean a dedicated workspace.

Looking forward to it! When will this test environment be unlocked for interested users? Will we be notified about it (unfortunately this did not happen in the past)?

@Scott_Collier-Weir : @Michael_Singer is right here :point_down: :blush:

Except that it’s not only a workspace … It’s literally a different environment from the “usual/classical” Coda one … with a brand new free workspace …

There’s no access to your actual docs (which I don’t mind at all :blush: ) .

I sincerely hope this feature doesn’t give users a full list of selectable fonts & sizes.

I think the beauty of Coda is that I don’t have to think about design. It just works and looks good.
All font sizes are controlled by the Headers which have semantic meaning.

Not having to select font saves time AND it also keeps the docs looking consistent no matter who writes them. That cannot be said for Word, Google Docs, etc. (even if the brand manager painstakingly sets up a company template).

Now if I can set up a company template for a specific set of fonts for each style, I’m interested. But it’s also not at all a bugaboo (there are features I care a lot more about, especially related to performance).

I say this as a huge typography nerd.

Yes and no. There are quite a few problems at the moment. For example, there is currently no dedicated spacing between paragraphs (you have to do this with a blank line/paragraph). The spacing between paragraphs is different when layout columns are involved (there are up to three different heights of spacing). Spacing between columns is missing in mobile rendering. Blank lines can be formatted as text or heading H1, H2 or H3, which makes no sense and allows them to be different sizes without containing any content. There is no way to display a word or part of text with larger characters without formatting it as a heading (which would not make semantic sense in most cases).

Hi Ben,

I filled out the form and have not yet heard anything. I am anxious to participate in this; just want to make sure I haven’t miss something.