Side by side content

I have been doing a head to head shoot out. Coda versus Notion. Coda mops the floor with Notion in almost all categories. The only spot where Notion beats Coda is in their layout-ability. I can pile views side by side up to eight wide, maybe even more. Yes, I already know the workaround with the detail view, but among other issues, the detail view is too narrow. More than two columns becomes unusable. We need a more free form page layout option. Please help us here. It is almost literally my only complaint about Coda.

Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to each and every update email.

Hi @Kurt_Geisinger,

We hear you on this. There is a fair amount of work required to make this happen, but it’s something we’re tracking notes on and checking out. There are a few other things we are working on currently, but this is a feature we have noted to look into and research further.