Wide column layouts - no more?

I’ve enjoyed testing the coda wide layout beta for the last few months. In every doc I always create wider layouts to help my side by side content fit better visually.

Most forum posts are from me saying how great they are including this one which shows my use case for it: Side by side content :grinning:

Alas today I am making another doc and for some reason I cannot seem to widen the layout anymore. Has the feature been discontinued?

Please bring it back if so! :sob:

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Hi @Harry_Roper :blush: !

Hmm :thinking: … Maybe I misunderstand your question here but I’m still able to modify the width of canvas columns from fit to wide :thinking:
(in brand new docs and older ones too :woman_shrugging: )

Those are fit canvas columns :blush:

Same page but with wide canvas columns :blush:

Wide to fit

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I for some reason do not have the same UI option as you!

Isnt it a beta feature (I say that because I have it through a beta test feature… dont know if this a fully public know, but dont think so as when I share a document it goes back to standard column width…)

You are right! I was part of the beta so not sure if I have been removed or not!

I have honestly no idea :sweat_smile: … I don’t think it was launched though …
It’s just a bit confusing as @Harry_Roper mentioned they could access the feature before :thinking:

@Harry_Roper : I have 2 menu … The same one you opened in your screenshot (1 on the screenshot below) and a another one (2 on the screenshot below), just a little bit above that one, just next to the very top of the canvas column …

Wide and Fit 2

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You are a legend for this! I found the second menu as shown in your screenshot. Thank you!!

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Ahah :raised_hands: Mystery solved :tada: !

Glad to know you found it :grin: !
I was beginning to think it might be a bug (as I never heard of people being randomly thrown out a beta before :wink: )

There are also “grabbers” you can use but they don’t necessarily appear if a pane is opened (from what I’ve seen today :blush: )

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