My Production Cost Calculator

I wanted to showcase this doc for a long time. Finally I did it justice.

It is a very simple doc — just two pages and basically two ‘database’ tables.

But because of its smart design, it allowed us to accomplish in just three hours what would otherwise take us several days, should have we gone with an off the shelf tool.

This is my love letter to Coda and my testament to how it bloody rocks.

The doc is a patron exclusive, and a time limited one. The details on how to get it are in the end of the video. Or, of course, you can learn Coda by following my tutorials and build it yourself :wink:


Very impressive! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing - amazing

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@Paul_Danyliuk absolutely love your videos. You’ve just inspired more thought on UIs within Coda. Thank you. And actually, this is one of the better Inventory / WMS approaches I have seen. Way more people oriented.

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