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Hi all,

I’m currently trying to put together a document that demonstrates exactly what coda can do when it comes to dashboards and systems. I’m coming to you, the community, to ask for you to share with me what some of your dashboards look like.

Not only will this provide great inspiration for other codans but I also believe that we ask lots of questions in this community but we don’t celebrate enough our designs / solutions !

Heres one that I have made for my clients so far:

Appreciate anyone who can share down below !


Here’s my personal one, not very intuitive for others and a work in progress :slight_smile:
It’s just a table with a column for each value shown in the detail view

  • Upcoming events pulling in from different sources (Todos, Birthdays, Bookings etc)
  • Today’s goal from yesterdays diary entry
  • Amount of time worked today, usually relevant as my goal is usually tied to time worked
  • Color coded squares for upcoming 10 days
    • Trying out having a goal of working x amount of hours every day with a rolling average of 10 days
    • Blue is day off
    • Green is less than average
    • Yellow is average
    • Red is above average
  • Quick phrase summary of more specific work required to meet goal
  • Lastly which project I should focus on based on the target percentages I’ve allocated to each one

An humble contribution to this topic. You may see that I’m an absolute fan of great dashboards !!


I think we have a winner :smiley:

Somehow I’ve never made a gorgeous dashboard I’d love to share here. A shoemaker without shoes :sweat_smile:

This one was cool though, back in the time when Coda didn’t have multiple columns. This was a real and paid test assignment from a potential client. They gave me a database of reach out calls and asked what kind of dashboard I could put together in about 1.5 hours from it.

I used it @Paul_Danyliuk, this is a great trick ! Indeed now that we have multiple columns + full width page we can do lots of stuff, but still, if you want something clean, this remains a good use case !

Love that call out for creating projects ! Really clean UI! Strava dashboard looks insane :saluting_face:

Thanks! Got plenty of it, just shared a few in my phone now!

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Love this ! Interesting work model as well. The simplicity of your dashboard looks lovely. How have you found the 10 day system so far?

Clean and efficient. Mad what you can do in 1.5hrs ! Before side by side was even a thing !!

Pretty good, thanks for asking! It’s been a great way to hold myself accountable to my goals while still being flexible. I think I prefer the normal work week but my nomadic lifestyle makes that a bit hard

I’m a newbie and still working on this but here’s my attempt so far at a dashboard that displays coaching client info.

Hoping to make a stats dashboard too on all clients, but need to get this one working first!


Thats a nice use of callouts to seperate information! :slight_smile:

@Quentin_Morel those are beautiful!

I used that table trick for many things before we could do columns on the canvas. Still have some pages I just haven’t taken the time to redo.

@Rickard_Abraham “nomadic lifestyle”? Caught my attention. Just curious how you’re doing that. We did 7 years in an RV moving all the time which was fun but required lots of internet options and we’d still wind up some places with no cell service and no internet. We just considered those times “vacation”. :slight_smile: Now when we RV we can travel with our StarLink and we just have to find places without trees which is easy in some states, near impossible in others but we’re not traveling so much now. How do you handle internet living your nomadic lifestyle? That is one issue I have with not just Coda but almost everything these days. I do miss the days of writing code on my system then uploading when I’m ready but now we pretty much always need internet to get any work done.

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Oh that sounds awesome! StarLink seems amazing. 7 years is a long time!!

I’m just travelling around hostels and hotels with wifi haha, not as big of a challenge :nerd_face: Although there have been some times where I had to code locally waiting for connection to upload, so I can relate!
Otherwise I started in Europe 18 months ago, then Australia, and now Asia! :blush:

Nice! My oldest son has been working/living aboard yachts for the last 2 years so he spent a lot of time along the coast of the Mediterranean last year. Last month he took off to India, just left there this week and is heading to Nepal. He’s planning to “see Asia” not even sure what countries he’ll be visiting but he’ll be over there wandering for 3 - 6 months. He’s also staying in hostels so if you run into a tall, thin guy with a Texas accent tell him hi. :slight_smile: I think I gave him and some of my other kids the travel bug after their 7 years in the RV. One is heading to Alaska next month to work and applied for a job in Antarctica that she’s waiting to hear back on. Enjoy the travel. It definitely changes your life. I was fortunate to spend 7 months living in Cannes, France years ago and was able to see a lot of Europe. It gives you a different world view for sure!

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