Building Dashboards - [FREE EVENT]

Building Dashboards

A free event - Teaching you best practices around data visualizations and building dashboards in Coda.

  • When: This Friday, Feb 9th at 9am PST
  • Where: A Zoom call of course!
  • Why: Why not?

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A little more about the event

I work in Coda full time and have worked with over 150 businesses around the world in all different industries. In that time you better believe I’ve built a ton of dashboards.

In this event Ill be covering:

  • Standard graph configurations
  • Advanced graph creations via helper tables
  • Aesthetics and tips around UI design
  • Filters
  • Formulas

And more!

Anything you want covered in the session? Let me know in the comments below :point_down:


Hi, @Scott_Collier-Weir.
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend the event. I really wanted to watch it though.
Do you happen to have the event recorded? Can you share it?

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@Scott_Collier-Weir, well done indeed!
A real tour-de-force on all the ways coda makes excellent dashboards.

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