Does the Google Sheets pack solve the table size limit issue? Should I use Sheets when expecting 10,000 rows?

Looks like there have been a lot of discussions around size of tables in docs.

I’ve already started using the google sheets pack on a few automations I’m using out of (because Coda kept failing/timing out when loading info, sheets does not :man_shrugging:t3:)

I’m wanting to add a table that could (in a couple of years, mind you) outgrow a Coda table. Should I just plan on using google sheets with the sheets pack for that instead? Are there any downsides to that? (can you cross-doc a google sheet, etc)

Thanks for any advice!

There are two other options for high volume data. One is the Snowflake pack, and the other is Xano.

With either of those your data volume worries should be over. These are databases, as opposed to Google sheets which is a spreadsheet at heart.

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I’d give that a very hard “DO NOT ISE GOOGLE SHEETS”

Google sheets is a spreadsheet and not a database. Stay awayyyyh

Use xano instead