Does the Stocks Pack API only support US stocks?

I’m trying to get the information for a ticker based in the Australian Stock Market (ASX), but I get blank result, is that not supported?

Our data provider IEX does support some international exchanges but not all of them, and unfortunately not those in Australia yet. You can see mention of some of their supported regions and exchanges here:

The ticker symbols they use for international exchanges are a bit unclear. They use a suffix but it’s a little hard to understand how the suffix maps to the exchange or region. For example, RY-CT is the symbol to use for IEX (and hence the Coda Stocks pack) for the Royal Bank of Canada on the Toronto stock exchange.

We currently have a bug where we’re not accepting dashes in ticker symbols, which will be fixed within a day or two.

You can see examples of international ticker simples by looking at IEX’s sample data at urls like Replace the /ca/ with the two-letter code of another country to see data for that country (if any). This is sandbox data from IEX but it seems to provide a decent representation of the real data.


@JonathanGoldman Ah I see, it does not support /au/ however.

If anyone else is looking for a temporary workaround, I have created a Google sheet which uses the formula =GOOGLEFINANCE(XYZ:XYZ). I then used Zapier to populate my Coda tables from Google Sheets to get the stock prices.

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