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I first want to say that I really like the direction Coda is going and appreciate the company giving it’s users a voice to try to develop a product that works for what people are looking to do. I am an investor and typically use Googlesheets for tracking investments because the Googlefinance formula’s are straightforward to use. Recently Coda added formula’s for pulling stock/financial information and i’m really happy about it.

My suggestion/request is based on expanding the functionality of the financial formula’s. I’m based in Canada and trade both Canadian and American Markets. However, when I use the stock symbols to try and get the data in Coda, some of the Canadian stocks I trade have symbols that are the same as completely unrelated companies on an American exchange.

Here’s an example. I trade Athabasca Oil Corporation(ATH on the Toronto Stock Exchange), but when I use the Stocks::Price(ATH), it results in the stock price for Athene Holdings(ATH on NYSE).

Could there be added support to allow differentiating between exchanges?

Please comment if this is something possible that I have missed,

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Michael and I ended up having a sidebar on this today, so thought I’d share the gist with the broader community as well.

The stocks pack we currently have uses the IEX API ( – so the securities available through that are the securities that are available for trading via IEX (which I believe is US-only at this time).

Adding support for other packs that have international ticker support is completely do-able (e.g. if we were to add a Quandl pack or whatnot), but it’s not actively being worked right now.

That said, I’d love the community help to scope out and spec what such a pack might work like. E.g. how different API calls from a provider map to specific formulas or whatnot that we’d add. As a spec gets better scoped, just makes it all that much easier to go add the pack.