Specifying language for stock news formula

anyone know how to specify which language when using “stocks::news”? I’m trying to pull in 5 stories and it only seems to pull spanish stories… would love to specify english! I’ve tried some obvious options but nothing seems to work…

the exact formula:
bulletedlist(Stocks::News("NFLX",limit: 5))

Dear @Alex_Parks,

I have to admit that I don’t have experience with stock quotes in Coda, but I am rather sure that the provider has also Englis news of every stock.

Somehow maybe because of your region or regional settings you get news in Spanish from the source and accordingly your Coda doc is also loaded with Spanish news.

If you have a trimmed copy of your doc, with only a few instances, you might find somebody more experienced to come with a solution.

Otherwise get in contact with the Codans through Intercome clicking the “?” :four_leaf_clover:

It would be great to report the solution back in a few lines, to be useful for others interested!

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