Import bulleted list from Google doc into Coda table

I have a Google doc listing different job opportunities. The format is using “bullet” list so that each “company” is the first bullet, then the second indented bullet is “status”, then the third indented bullet is “notes”.

So after importing the complete Google doc into Coda, is there any way to import the bulleted list into a table so that each row is a company, then Column 1 corresponds to first bullet (“Company Name”), Column 2 is “status” and Column 3 is “notes.”

Or do I need to manually move the data into the right column?


It would be helpful to share an example doc or image.

Good point. Here’s a screenshot of a few of the listings. My list includes over 100 companies with the same format (first bullet: company; second: status; third: note), which I’d like to import into a Coda doc.

(Personal notations blocked out.)

Hmm I don’t have a solution in my head that I know would work as far as translating the data. What might work would be to paste the data into a text editor, and then see how it translates in. Perhaps they come through as tabs and you could save as tab separated value file and then import to Coda? Or if they come through with the • bullets • do a find / replace on that to make it a comma and save as CSV then import?