Down for everyone or just me?

Hi, I can’t seem to reach my docs today. Neither the doc list, nor the docs by their direct url:

I had performance issues yesterday with some of my docs (due to making them more complex) but today all the docs seemed to load slower and now I can’t load my docs or anyone else’s docs (e.g. from a link posted on the forum).

I wanted to report this issue first to the support chat but since I can’t open my docs I can’t reach the chat as well.

Do you have any idea what could cause this and how could I reach my docs again?

Hi @Zsolt_Bako,

I suggest to contact and share your login name so the Codans can check your account.

Hopefully soon to error will be solved.

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…that guy that plugged in too many Christmas lights and causes the northeast power outage. That truly sucks, if it is a circular formula that broke it or something, hope they fix it soon for you.

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