Drawing on canvas

Hey there.

As I told the team already, the ability to draw directly in Coda, simple shapes, text boxes and arrows, would be fantastic.
What do you think of it?


@tomavatars I would use that a bunch, especially for onboarding documents. A flowchart or web chart system would be cool to have as well—I’m a very visual thinker!


@chris_homburger @tomavatars If I need to make a graphic of some sort I do so using other tools - photoshop, sketch, illustrator, etc. Coda’s main functionality is found in their tables - so it seems to me that distracting from that would be detrimental. This seems especially the case considering there is such an easy way to drop images into Coda. You can just save and drag-and-drop or, even easier, just screenshot and paste it in.

Unless there is some sort of coda-esque spin on drawing that is very native to the experience, I think it could distract from the core functionality

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@cnr , what I need can’t rely on imported images. I work very often with mind maps or draws, some boxes with text input and arrows to connect them, for game design purposes or brainstorming.

If I would work on software like Photoshop to create those images, I would lose a big amount of time to update informations on the original file then reimport it. It just can’t work this way.

What I do for the moment is creating Google draw or Milanote files and I use the magical embed formula (truly amazing feature).
But so far, Milanote doesn’t work with embed and the same original statement that I have too much documents spreaded over the cloud occurs again. It works well, but it’s not the perfect solution.

Simple draw with text input would then be awesome! There is already a rectangle shape formula but it lacks text input. Even if there would be text input in the formula it wouldn’t be simple to type the text into the formula. So draw on canvas is the solution for me.

Concerning the focus on the tables and a more complex way to use draw, if you have a look at the nice Zenkit tool, they are making a great way to handle mindmaps based on tables data. I would love this in Coda.

Ohhh, interesting. So you’re talking about drawings that could be dependent on data stored in the tables. Hmm, yeah that could be useful. Let me check out those other tools that you’re talking about so I can get a better idea

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Dependent if you need it to be. If the features are there, so it’s the best of both world!


I would love to have the team feedback on this topic :hugs:

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