Include as a Design embed

#1 is a truly versatile diagramming tool that can conceptualize all kinds of diagrams (from software development to business strategy to anything). This could enrich any section in Coda, and make it even more versatile than it already is.

I see that Coda does support Figma, Framer and Invision for their design embed, but these are so UI/prortotype-oriented that they barely serve any other design purpose.

Hopefully one of Coda’s developers gets to analyze it, because really is very developer friendly and supports many easy ways to integrate/embed, even with simple url parameters. Actually, using the current =Embed() formula, you can display quite nicely on Coda, but it’s not a two way integration where you can modify your diagram and save it back to Coda (which is very easy using simple js callbacks provided by .

I saw that Quip does support it. But then again, Quip sucks in every other aspect. So I really hope to see this in Coda.


I second this. I do a lot of flows and is a good tool to just make and reiterate on them. To be able to have these in my Coda docs and be able to go back and forth would be awesome!