Draw.IO integration

We’ve got some diagrams made in draw.io (which get saved to Google Drive) and we want to embed them into our Coda documents. This worked in the past, but now every time I load the doc I get a Google Drive modal asking me to authorize this app (I’ve authorized it, believe me) that won’t ever resolve to the actual diagram. Anybody else had this problem and/or found a workaround?

Have you tried to put an Embed() formula on the canvas ?


Embed("url", force: true) ?

I’ve never used draw.io but I tried this and I used the the link of the preview of the “diagram” I just created .

I did seem to work :blush: .

@Pch yup, that’s what I have currently :confused: Do you get that Authorization modal when you embed? It seems that the Authorization popup is not able to load due to an error with the iFrame configuration… getting this error from the browser console whenever I click the “Authorize” button:

app.min.js?__WB_REVISION__=7c56d13fc638a0b5a058aeb3d5b8be93:10681 Blocked opening '<long-google-auth-url>' in a new window because the request was made in a sandboxed frame whose 'allow-popups' permission is not set.

Ahh wtf well I just tried toggling the Google Drive sharing settings and copy-pasted the iFrame link again and now I don’t need to authorize to view the doc…?? Unfortunately not totally sure what happened here, but the diagram file is now viewable by anybody with the link from my GSuite organization and successfully embedded in my Coda doc. Thanks for the help @Pch!

@Pearson_Henri : Sorry I couldn’t help much more :innocent: !