Advanced visualization help: insight and advice

Hey Folks, I am trying to create solutions that have some sensitive user data but require more advanced visualization than the native charts.

I am looking for advice on the best way to house the data in Coda, taking advantage of the automations and powerful formula features, but then have it visualized in say Google Studio. I figured I could build a connected Google Sheet, and then use that for the dashboard. But it sounds like I would have to make the dashboards themselved public in order to embed them.

Is there a way to do this without publishing the end dashboard to embed it?

Also, if anyone else has figured out ways to connect the Coda data to more sophisticated visualization tools – I would love advice and guidance.

Thank you in advance for helping me out!

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Checking back in, I’d love advice and insights on how folks are solving their advanced graphing/ charting needs?

Hi @Astha_Parmar Amazing question! Dan here from the support team :smile:

I know there are some articles here about the google Studio radial charts. But there is also a great gallery doc that talks about adding Charts to tables, you can find that here..

If you are worried about data security or people viewing all data, you can have an admin doc then feed the perntintat data into a visual doc using cross-doc or the equilent in the packs gallery. And then you can lock the doc for view only.

Don’t now if that helps, but let us know when you can!


@Dan_Demers – thank you so much for sharing these!

I will definitely dig more. I think ultimately visualization is a complex and complete field. In that, as a tool that can really hold and add power to people’s data (especially small to mid-sized orgs that don’t have budget to figure out big query stuff), two things would need to happen:

  1. Better connection in to aggregate data, i.e., pull data into Coda. I think the API now really empowers people to do this, and
  2. Better no-code yet safe connections to visualization tools.

I tried really hard over this weekend to see if I could build a community connector for Coda into Google Looker Studio…it was more complex than my really really basic scripting skills.

BUT, a direct connection to Google Looker Studio or Power BI would be huge and I think worth the while for both users and teams marketing Coda.

Thank you for listening to my ‘I really hope this happens :crossed_fingers:t4::crossed_fingers:t4:’ plea :slight_smile:

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