Anyone using Coda as a dashboard for clients?


I’m a financial advisor for small companies and I’ve been using coda as a Dashboard for my clients. In the dashboar I include: next steps and project management, information they need to share, tables to keep track of their revenues and expenses, etc.

I wonder if anyone is doing something similar?


I wanted to use it for something like that, but i found the Coda charts to be too basic (and i need to use them a lot). Currently I’m only using it internally then import the data via API to Power BI where I create a proper dashboard for that. There are some simple reports that I could make inside Coda, but its charts have many problems, like the values in the axis not following the data format you specify in the table view (so I can’t use percentage or a different date format, for example).

I really like Coda, but there are so many issues like these that keep me from using it more broadly.


Very interesting @Carlos_Roriz_Amplus_Construtora! I also get the data from Coda tables and then use a Google Script or Zapier to move the data and create the dashboards in Google Data Studio. I then embed the Data Studio charts in Coda. Do you give your clients a coda doc? where do you get the initial inputs from?

Hi Carlos, could you tell me what steps you follow to connect the coda api with powerbi, I have tried and I cannot connect. Thank you very much

You may deside to use Clickup. I start to get disspointed by Coda for client-facing content. Just they don’t intend to be use for such purposes.

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Hi, I use a simple Google Script to connect my Coda tables to a Google Sheets, and from there I use Google Data Studio (it´s free) .

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thank you. I will also try with google data studio.