Embedding pre-existing dashboards plots (Data Studio, Looker, Anything!?)

I have a whole bunch of pre-exisiting data/reporting assets living in data studio or looker, or directly in BigQuery and I’m trying to figure out a way to take the material I have pre-existing in any of these formats and display them in a Coda page.

I’ve tried “=embed(”").

I’ve tried a looker direct embed links from looker.

Am I missing something? is there a nice way to import data points from BigQuery directly even?

Thanks so much!

hi @LIAM_BAIRD , welcome to the community!

did you consider to import the data in CSV format?
in case you want to have an active exchange between Coda & an external source, you might consider to look into packs. Webhooks are great, but they only support one way today (from the provider to Coda, not from Coda back to the provider…).

cheers, Christiaan

Thanks @Christiaan_Huizer !

My preference is to minimize the amount of moving data around manually, so webhooks might be the way to go!

good to read, if you are familiair with JSON, the webhook logic is simply great and it is very fast, almost immediate. Good luck!
Cheers, Christiaan

Update: The solution was easier than I expected.

After naively trying to just use


I read the docs and added the force=“True” option:

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@LIAM_BAIRD : may the force be with you :slight_smile:

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