✍️ Launched Drawing in Coda with Miro

You might’ve seen the news or discovered the feature in Shishir & Matt’s Eigenquestions Doc, but I’m here to confirm that it’s true: Thanks to updates to our integration with Miro, you can draw in Coda!

Previously, we were only able to support embedding public Miro files. With this update:

  • Private Files are also supported
  • Embeds are live ー you can draw or modify on the board, and the board will sync back to Miro
  • You can easily access these integrations by typing /miro anywhere on a page

Screen Recording 2020-05-26 at 01.47 PM

Now you can seamlessly marry your visual ideation and whiteboarding with your tracking and documentation in a single doc.

New to Miro? For more information, visit https://miro.com/.


This is a nice update!

Can you please confirm if every Coda user that would like to draw in Miro embed would also need to have account for Miro?

Also, is there a way to connect Miro and Coda, so that when stickies are created in Miro rows are created in Coda?

And what @Mario asks below too :slight_smile:

Wow! :heart_eyes:
It’s possible to create drawing based on tables or data in the doc?
That would be amazing!

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Super cool, such a great feature addition


Hi Stefan! For now, the integration supports embedding boards, so there’s not a full integration & sync (e.g., between your boards in Miro and tables in Coda).

You will need to authenticate into Miro to access embedded Miro boards in Coda docs, so a user will need a Miro account.

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Very useful. And I love that I cam embed a mind map of my doc map in the doc, but I’d love it if I didn’t have to do it manually.

This is awesome! We already use this tool so this is a welcomed addition!

So does it sync back or not?

Ah, sorry about that; we could’ve been a bit clearer here. Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve updated my original response to clarify. Including some more details here:

In Coda, you can draw on an embedded Miro board (after authenticating), and the edits will be visible in your doc, as well as on your board at miro.com. Similarly, if the embedded board is edited on miro.com, the updates will sync to the embed in your doc. In other words, your doc acts as an iFrame for the Miro board.

What we haven’t yet built is a two-way integration that would translate drawings in Miro to tables in Coda, or rows in Coda to sticky notes in Miro, etc.

For now, what happens in the Miro board, stays in the Miro board (but can be viewed, modified, etc. as an embed in your doc).


Tell me why when I copy the link in the Miro of a specific frame board, and embed link it into the Coda doc It doesn’t display exactly that frame, but shows only the first frame.
FYI exactly the same problem in Notion

P.S. I also noticed that when you click on this button link, there is no transition to Miro. In Notion no such problem.

This is a great update! Any chance you’ll create integrations with other tools similar to Miro? We use Whimsical. We’d love to embed our private boards and draw directly within Coda as well.

Many thanks,