Pack Request or Coda solution: Miro (Formerly Realtime Board) or other business model canvas

While I could make sections for each of the components of the business model canvas, we immediately lose the high level visual element that gives it it’s success.


Yes, I’d like to second this! I would like to take advantage of Coda’s linking capability between records - obviously a very basic function - but in the context of all the other great stuff Coda offers, if you could visualize the links with something like Miro (Mural is another I’d vote for), there is powerful diagraming capability. I plan to post an independent feature request with some more detail on this, but the idea is to visualize Coda info to create “live” diagrams in Miro. Things like AWS structures, Website sitemaps - my concept is to have rows in Coda the actual webpages, link those records, then visualize those links in say Miro.

There are some reasonable plug-ins for Jira that do this, and some other tools like Aha and Targetprocess have “dependency visualization” that partially accomplishes this.

Thanks guys and I will post more soon on the full concept I have in mind!

Or, how about new mind mapping abilities natively within Coda? A new visual dimension. Graphs + mind mapping. Would make datavis in Coda a heck of a lot more fun.

yes, @Jack_DePew in reality I’d much prefer that! But what I would much prefer is to be able to take the relationships within Coda and diagram them, with some ability to customize and save the diagram but retain in full the relationships. I actually was hoping something like this was already available in Graphs but I guess not quite there yet.

A sample image that you could create would be something like this:

Sorry without having to click that, it looks like this:

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I dig that. I’d actually refer to the Doc Map if it were in this form.

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Yes, a big user of Miro - please add this one.

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