Keep your team in the loop with Miro’s Talktrack embed

We first partnered with Miro to bring Miro boards directly into Coda docs. Since its launch, Miro boards have been embedded over 8,000 times in Coda docs to bring in project plans, boards for brainstorming, and boards to diagram different processes.

Many teams use Coda to keep their projects organized and moving forward. We also understand customers want to use multiple tools for different parts of the project process, such as a solution like Miro. One of the great features of Coda is the ability to embed a Miro board directly into Coda docs. Plus, embedded Miro boards are fully editable. This means that your team can make updates on the spot across both platforms without having to switch between tools.

As Miro has evolved their own product, we’ve also worked hard to ensure our embed capabilities have evolved. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Miro Talktracks are now embeddable in Coda docs. If you are not familiar with Miro’s Talktrack feature, it allows users to record video and audio directly on Miro’s canvas. This feature can be used to explain more complex Miro boards and provide a high-level overview. Once Talktrack is embedded in your Coda doc, your team can start taking action on the items directly within Coda. Use Talktrack recordings in Coda for meeting pre-reads and recaps, weekly team updates, and stand-in recordings for meetings you cannot attend.

If you’re looking for more ways to use Coda and our embed tools, check out our recent blog post: How product managers use embeds to streamline workflows.