Dropbox OAuth : trouble getting refresh token

Hi everyone !
I’m making a custom dropbox pack in combination with another custom Google drive one to convert google sheets to pdfs and upload them to Dropbox.

The whole process works fine but I’m loosing authorization for the dropbox account after a short period of time. The refresh token step fails because Dropbox complains redirect_uri is sent. Is there a way to prevent this ? Have I missed something in the docs ?

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By the way, I also have trouble with my Google Drive pack, needing authorization every 7 days because I can’t ask for approval. But I just saw it is covered in the FAQ : FAQ - Coda Pack SDK
@Eric_Koleda Is there a possibility Coda will be able to get around this problem in the future as suggested in the FAQ or should I already try to match Google’s exceptions to verification requirements ?

Thank you !

Hi @Martin_Portevin - Hmm, unfortunate that Dropbox is so picky here. We do appear to be sending the redirect_uri when refreshing the access token, which most APIs don’t seem to require. However most APIs also just happily ignore any extra / unknown parameters.

We’re not sure if we’re sending this because some APIs do require this parameter during refresh, so we’re hesitant to remove it. It looks like our 1st party Dropbox Pack also suffers from the same issue, so we’ll look for a solution.

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This is such a joy to be able to have such a straightforward way of communicating with the technical side of coda, thank you @Eric_Koleda for confirming the issue !

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Hi @Martin_Portevin - We created a server flag we can use to turn off the redirect URI on token refresh for particular Packs. If you send me your Pack ID I can add you to that list.

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Woohoo !
my WIP pack: 14793
Thank you @Eric_Koleda !

Hi @Martin_Portevin - Sorry for the slow reply. I’ve added your Pack to the allowlist, please try again and see if the refresh is successful now.

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Hello @Eric_Koleda, no problem for the slow reply, it wasn’t an urgent matter.
I’m happy to report it seems to work fine :slight_smile:
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