OAuth works within docs, but not CLI

I’m working on a Frame.io Pack, and have successfully set up OAuth for my builds (works in doc UI). However, when I try to authenticate on the CLI with npx coda auth pack.ts, and put in my client id and secret, I get this error page served up by frame.io:

The OAuth2 request resulted in an error.

  • Error: invalid_request
  • Description: The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, includes a parameter more than once, or is otherwise malformed. The ‘redirect_uri’ parameter does not match any of the OAuth 2.0 Client’s pre-registered redirect urls.
  • Hint:
  • Debug:

You are seeing this page because configuration key urls.error is not set.

If you are an administrator, please read the guide to understand what you need to do. If you are a user, please contact the administrator.

I notice the mention of the redirect_uri - is Packs CLI trying to use the legacy method instead of the Pack-specific one? (I’ve configured the Pack with the pack-specific URI)

On another random note, I have a lot of a frame.io pack already built. Want any code? Or you probably just wanna build from scratch?

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Hmm, I’m kind of on the fence about whether this is mainly an internal-use thing or a broad audience thing. What’s holding you back from launching yours? It might already cover the somewhat restricted functionality I (and perhaps others) are aiming for.

My use case is mainly around processing comments on assets, to be able to work with those comments in an existing project management workflow. User pastes in a project link (or, perhaps better, selects it from a sync table autocomplete), and gets all the assets + comments on those assets (each in a sync table).

But generally, I wouldn’t say no to a leg up!

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The CLI uses a different redirect URI than the live Pack does.

From: Using the command line interface - Coda Pack SDK

If their system supports multiple redirect URIs, then add http://localhost:3000/oauth to the list. If they only support a single redirect URI then create a 2nd application with that as a redirect URI.

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