Duplicating rows to another table formula struggle :)

Hi everyone,

Even thought I learned a lot from this community… I am stuck with something that I can’t grasp why as the situation is identical but the result is different.

I am trying to just add the rows with ingredients & household items that aren’t in stock using a button. I am filtering for the rows that are not in stock & are not present on today shopping list.

When I am using the button on the DB Food Items, rows get modified or added as they should be. For DB Household Items I can’t get the same button formula (adapted to the DB) to replicate the result as the columnValue is a list of values and not just each row at a time.

I am missing something and probably is obvious but I can’t figure it out.


Please see the doc below and play with it.


This is caused by something that is very hard to see (right now): the 2nd “DB Household Items.Name” in the formula needs to be of the type CurrentValue. I think there has been a change in the editor, so you can’t really see right now if this is CurrentValue, but I made a new formula with the correct field.

I think (but I don’t want to do that in your document) that if you delete this column in your button and put it back in, it will work in your button too. In the button I added (modified - Add…) it looks to work the way you want it to work.

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@joost_mineur Lovely and many, many thanks for the help. The button you added with the formula inside it does exactly what I am trying to achieve.

What is weird is that I can’t reproduce your formula from my editor. May I know how you selected the correct field as In my editor the DB Household Items.Name outputs a list of items no matter what I am trying :exploding_head:

The document is just a copy so no worries about playing with it.

= sign should be a komma.

Hi @joost_mineur

That equal was left there by mistake as I was in busy with work. What I mean that I can’t recreate for DB Household Items.Name to NOT output a lit of values you can see below.

Below is your formula:

This is what I can get in the editor:

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