Dynamic extraction of web content in tables

Hey all,

While this may have been asked/answered in many forms, I was unable to find a definitive answer that I could grasp.

I have a limited grasp of the HTML tools available as packs and not sure if some combination of this or if “Fetch” functions in a new pack would be necessary to accomplish.

Rather than reinvent the wheel, wanted to see if anyone had any docs that do this in a flexible way…



Hi @Damon_Kost ,

please elaborate: Are you planning on using a dedicated web scraping service to retrieve the html and are looking for a pack to then subsequently parse the results within Coda?

Or are you looking for a pack that does the web scraping?

If it’s the former, then I think @Filipe_Fortes’s HTML pack would be a great starting point for you, to use as a formula to retrieve specific tags from the html. HTML Pack



Thank you @Nina_Ledid ! Sorry for the slow response.

And yes, this is exactly where I was heading… I had experimented w this and some existing docs using it… basically the goal being: configure new web-pages to extract the content I need with some parameter-columns to tweak for each, and then filter on the content.

I have limited html experience, but a premade doc/tool is not known to exist, I suppose I should just embrace the journey haha.

Thanks and please let me know if something comes to mind!

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Actually, in the absence of a tool that does the above, is there a known doc/tutorial that clearly demonstrates the functions for the html pack for luddites? (IE, queryselector, attributes… etc)

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Hey @Nina_Ledid - You helped me clarify my thoughts a bit… I am going to start a new thread for clarity and to save folks reading through the background. Thanks again!