Easy way to see all broken formulas, references, and other errors in document?

As docs get more complex, it becomes increasingly likely that you’ll (ok, that I’ll) make a change that causes formula errors or other breakages elsewhere.

That begs the question: is there any way to see all of the broken formulas in our document?

I know Coda detects them; Coda even shows me the innocuous-seeming red dot. Given that, why not give me an easy way to see them all so that my documents stay maintainable and I can easily detect and fix bugs!

(btw, we already see this kind of behavior: Coda is good about warning you when deleting a table or a column will impact other views, controls, and the like. But nothing yet about easily seeing a list of broken formulas and references.)


Absolutely agree - been suggested a while back, go help Vote it up and resurface the need!

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