Broken References, formulas, area

Hey there!

Often times I have a certain aspect built into my docs that is then referenced in other areas of the document and when I change the structure of those, it breaks my doc in so many irritating ways.

For example, I have one page where a user sets up the document and first selects their information (name, room number, etc). When I first was building the doc I had these as Canvas based selects but as the doc grew I realized it would be better to have it as a one-rowed table with basic text-entry.

I had named the select for the user name as My Name and referenced it in many different column formulas as well as other canvas based formulas (and there was a specific reason I did not just utilize user().name formula)

Now that I changed the canvas based select to a table I had to go through my whole document and find everything that broke as a result of the change and replace it. Still looking for some of them!

If there was a place, possibly in settings, called Current Broken References/formulas that would be amazing. Dare I say life changing?


I never posted a suggestion for it though. Kudos!

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