How to detect a broken formula and take conditional action in a formula?

I’d like to create a page which is used in “Value for New Row” but includes a broken formula that is only completed when embedded into a row.

This works but has the disadvantage that when columns names change then my embedded template will break. Could I create a page that has the following:

Lookup: [Lookup for row in desired table; has the schema of the row in the table]
Embedded Reference: thisRow.[Column]

Lookup or Reference: [if (IsBlank(Embedded Reference), Lookup, Embedded Reference)

Table built off of “Lookup or Reference”

What would make this work:

  1. A formula IsBroken(Variable, Formula with Variable), which will allow Coda to ignore the broken formula and not have it propagate an error formula recursively to all dependents.
  2. Some way to gracefully ignore the formula break in the template and have it resolve successfully embedded in the canvas column, BUT also allow my template to have mostly valid formulas.

Ryan also references this here:

Feb 25

For referencing fields belonging to [parentRow] (or [thisRow] ) within a canvas cell within a template table, another simple solution is to simply write the formula as text (or you can write it in one of the “real” table (eg meeting table) then copy-paste the formula into the template table. Coda automatically recognizes the formula chips once the template makes it into the destination table.

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