Editing Coda Table with Trigger from external website

I am creating a property portal for the purpose of taxation. I created the form with the corresponding table on coda. I have access to this table when I search for properties, using Property Address Column as the Search parameter. I was able to retrieve all the details in the coda table to my website and also able to use the ‘Tax Payable’ Column to populate Paystack the payment processing API. Now what I want is a situation whereby I can change the ‘Payment’ Column from ‘Not Paid’ to ‘Paid’. But this is giving an error:PUT https://coda.io/apis/v1/docs/8TdfLS7At-/tables/grid-4c9ZrJJtUt/rows/i-mdXmuOC9_T 400 (Bad Request) and Error updating Payment and Tax Payable: {"statusCode":400,"statusMessage":"Bad Request","message":"Missing required field \"row\"."} . If anyone knows how best i can update my coda table without needing to visit coda kindly guide me. Thank you

I think you are referencing “rows”, not a specific row.

Another approach, why not use webhooks from the web client? Setting up a webhook in your document is pretty simple and calling it with a JSON payload of the record to update is also simpler that using the API.

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