Email Notifications when mentioning myself don't send to my email

Hey there!


  1. Is there a way to enable sending @ mention email notifications to myself? (I’m not receiving email notifications when I @ mention myself)

  2. Are email notifications of @ mentions sent to others only, and not sent to ourselves, by design?

  3. Given the context below, does the community have alternative methods of achieving the same below?

An incredibly useful feature in gDocs is the ability to @ mention myself in comments, so that

  1. an email arrives in my inbox as an action item for me to process / action on later, and
  2. it serves as a way to quickly highlight text for skimming later (no text highlight shortcut in gDocs sadly)

Now that I’m adopting Coda, doing all of the above in Coda would be more seamless and powerful!

HOWEVER… it doesn’t look like Coda is sending me any emails when I @ mention myself.

Any help and ideas much appreciated! Thanks all!

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Hi @Grant_Sukchindasathien, thanks for this feedback! Our team is working to improve the commenting & notification experience in Coda and recently enabled receiving a notification when you @ mention yourself in comments to solve your pain point described. I’ve linked the announcement below.

Thanks again for sharing feedback to help us improve Coda :slight_smile:

Send reminders to yourself with comment notifications

We heard some customers would like to send themselves reminders to revisit content or conversations, so we added the ability to to send yourself notifications by typing @yourname in a comment. A notification will appear under your Coda avatar and in your email.

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