Email sent to individual people

I have a page that is filter by (user). Each person can only see their specific tasks or all tasks that are outstanding.

I have a subpage that only shows tasks that are due today. I can run an automation that sends an email to specific user, but than it will only send the table that is filtered to.

I can create duplicate tables, and label them person a,b,c and than run an automation for each one but this seems like a waste of time.

Is there a way to send an email to everyone that only shows the information assigned to them?

Hello @Erik_Andersson1 ,

Yes, you can - and there are different approaches.

The step by step instructions:

Copy your subpage and call it something like GmailTaskTemplate.

Put a control at some (hidden or administrative) place in your document and call it something like Ctrl_TaskOwner. Filter your tasktable on the GmailTaskTemplate to only show tasks for Ctrl_TaskOwner for today().

In your automation, run a command that looks something like:



Obviously, you have to make sure you are not mailing if there are no open tasks for this day, you might want to format the template page so the email starts with Hello … , etc.

I am writing this without a doc open - if you need further help you should make a representative dummy doc so we can show something in your sample doc.

It is not very complicated, but it takes some time to set it up properly. If you can’t do it yourself, you can ask in the community for someone to offer you a couple of hours of consultancy.


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I had tried to follow along your directions but think I am doing something wrong, or am using the incorrect run action feature.

Let me know if your able to assist or guide me in where I went wrong.


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