Emails - newTLD's not validating into a valid email address


Hi Coda’ians!

I’ve encountered possibly a glitch. When entering emails into a table, the system automatically recognizes that it’s an email and hyperlinks it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to know all TLD’s. I’ve tested few non conventional ones, but the one that I was attempting was (dot)solutions and I also tested (dot)club, (dot)world as some other that weren’t working. Yet (dot)museum works nicely. :smiley:

Is there a work around?
Will the newTLD’s recently added be coded into the backend so that it becomes a recognized email domain?

Thanks all for reading and enjoy the rest of your day :smile:


Dear @Nathalie_Collins,

Your question is again better to be addressed to or the chat function in “contact us”.
The codan’s will be able to assist you.


@Jean_Pierre_Traets. I thought perhaps the codan’s would have been involved in this community. Not a worry. I will email them directly. Thanks again.